Alban Fischer
Alban Fischer has designed over 400 books and worked with more than seventy organizations, including 826CHI, Alice James Books, The Believer, Bellevue Literary Press, Coffee House Press, Faceout Studio, Levine Querido, Open Letter Books, Turtle Point Press, and Verso. His work has been included in the AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show, selected for AIGA and Design Observer’s 50 Books/50 Covers, shortlisted for the Art Directors Club Awards, and has been recognized by The Book Cover Archive, The Casual Optimist, Literary Hub, Print, and Spine. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI, where he serves as Art Director of Sarabande Books. He is the founding editor of Trnsfr Books and author of the poetry collection Fake Moon.

Instagram: @alban.fischer

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Faceout Books / Montana Book Festival / Spine / Vol. 1 Brooklyn / Bear Books / Real Pants